History and Toscan culture

Il Poggiolo ai Casini is located 31 km northeast of Florence in the Sieve valley in the community Rufina.

The property’s name is Il Poggiolo, which means “balcony, in a broader sense viewpoint” — which in fact it is. In order to get from the driveway at the foot of the hill to the highest point, one must ascend approximately 200 meters. Lined with Cypresses and pines, the driveway winds its way between olive groves and grapevines from the main road up to the medium height where the villa is situated between high trees. After reaching the villa, another dwelling follows, and a few steps further the former stables appear which nowadays provide space for two spacious apartments. When one continues upward following the path on foot, one finally arrives at the high plateau. Here, surrounded by olive trees, “Heide’s bench” in the Medici style is situated, a beautiful viewpoint that encourages a pause.

There are different stories to Il Poggiolo. It is a fact that Il Poggiolo, in its present fundamental structure, firstly appeared on record in 1820; though the foundation walls lead to believe that it is even older. Historically it is written that in 1919 the village Casini was founded by the Count Casini after the area had been stricken by a terrible earthquake which resulted in many victims and much damage. Due to the location of Il Poggiolo there is reason to presume that Count Casini could have had his dwelling at Il Poggiolo. We like this idea and therefore enjoy telling it as an anecdote.
When the German couple Dr. Walter Baur and his wife Heidemarie bought Il Poggiolo in the year 1990, the vineyard and the buildings were in need of repair. At that time, the Fontani family had lived in the rear building for four decades and we still have a friendly relationship to them today. Only in 1995 was Il Poggiolo again remodeled into a vineyard by the Baur family. The sorts Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon were expanded and later augmented by a small share of Merlot grapes. The olive groves were newly laid out and for the winery the former stables were remodeled for the purpose of wine production. By 2007, Dr. Baur had achieved his vision of producing his own red wine and olive oil. In 2008 Il Poggiolo was passed over into the possession of his youngest daughter, Esther Anne Kestenbaum, who is now passionately fulfilling her own vision of the “vacation in the vineyard” with her husband Harry and her three children.

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